Distribution |

At Petrostar, we know how to deliver quality. Not only do we understand oil, but we have applied this knowledge over the years to build solid logistics solutions for one of the world’s most valuable commodities - with a reputation to match.

Every day, our customers rely on us due to our precision, fast transaction times and complete scalability of every operation. Thanks to our wide-reaching network we distribute and sell an average of 2 million litres of gas oil per month throughout the Lagos area. This distribution is handled Petrostar strong fleet of over 50 oil trucks operating across Lagos.

We always have an eye on global markets and forge strong partnerships across the world, enabling us to capitalize on opportunities - wherever they may be.

Through our Terminal in Port Harcourt we distribute:

  • 60,000 metric tonnes of gas oil (AGO)
  • 80,000 metric tonnes of kerosene (DPK) per year

These statistics are only set to increase and by harnessing the latest distribution technologies and premium products, our world-class reputation strengthens incessantly.

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