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The Petrostar tank farm and loading bay processes are managed and automated with maximum consistency, in order to meet and surpass global standards.

Key benefits:

  • 9 fixed-roof product tanks, with a combined capacity of 58500000.
  • Each tank is dedicated to one type of product and is protected with IPWA epoxy coating
  • Every Tank base benefits from cathodic protection and features heating coils.
  • 2 Bitumen capable storage tanks with heating coils.

Through years of experience, we know how to efficiently manage our inventory, in order to maximize ROI. Supported by a reliable, experienced and highly trained management operations team, who are trained to meet HSE goals enables us to meet the highest of standards.

Complete control for absolute quality

The Quality Control Laboratory at Petrostar has a wide range of state-of-the art equipment for petroleum testing:

  • DKP and AGO flash testers
  • Distillers
  • Measuring Cylinders
  • Thermometers
  • Hydrometers
  • Dry Ovens
  • Test Tubes

All products must pass through strict quality control tests before being cleared for storage in our tanks.

Extensive support facilities

To ensure the success of any large-scale operation, the right support is needed at every stage - from the ability to process products quickly and innovatively to adequate space for distribution vehicles that are always on the move.

Loading bay

Our 8 loading arms with advanced digital loading meters are capable of processing 180 m3 every hour, and feature grounding devices and earthing safety lockouts.

Every aspect of our loading bay is designed to prevent hold-ups and help trucks come and go effectively as well as efficiently.

To ensure that the loading bay remains operational, we also calibrate the loading arms quarterly and implement the proving of all meters.


Our new jetty has a low tide of 7 meters and a high tide of 9 meter allowing vessel to berth from 5000 MT - 25,000 MT

Truck depot

Our depot can accommodate an impressive 250 trucks at any one time, in order to maintain a fast and consistent operational flow.

Power back-up 24/7

In the event of any failure, three generators provide a powerful back-up to ensure operations continue running smoothly until the mail power source is restored.

A safe environment for all

Safety comes first at Petrostar. Our depot has been designed to handle every emergency, for the protection of people, property and the environment.

  • An oil and water separator is in place to recover product and prevent potentially-damaging oil spillages from tarnishing the environment
  • The finest equipment available on the market to deal with fire break-outs and industrial hazards.

Not only do we have stringent environmental safety processes in place, we're also fully prepared to tackle medical emergencies through our on-site medical clinic that's fully equipped with its own ward, nurse, hospital equipment and ambulance.

The clinic is supported by our retainer hospital in Port Harcourt.

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