Shipping | Where our operations began

The shipping industry is where Petrostar's success began thirty years ago. It is due to our experience that we can respond to your shipping and rental needs efficiently with the most effective solutions on the market today.

No one knows Nigeria like we do. Today, our trusted and dependable operations remain within Nigerian territorial waters, with a focus on transferring finished petroleum products to marketers, with all our vessels available for hire.

We know that no two businesses are the same. All of our clients enjoy so much more than a shipping rental. We can help you navigate the fastest route from A to B for all your fuel shipments through Nigeria's extensive network of rivers, and we are confident in our ability to tailor solutions to our clients - whatever your shipping needs may be.

Our current operations include a fleet comprised of vessels of different sizes to accommodate the diverse needs of the market. The storage capacity ranges from 900 MT to 12,000 MT vessels.

Today, Nigeria is highly involved in the shipping industry and has invested heavily in recent years - which will support our business expansion plans in the future.

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