Our Strategy | Growth that broadens the scope of our business

Creating opportunities to broaden our portfolio is the key to our success - but never at the expense of quality or our integrity. Our evolution is focused and responsible.

Our first objective has always been to create a large Nigerian shipping company capable of competing with foreign shipping companies. On top of that, we aim to continue partnering with other high-quality enterprises to maintain a strong, vertically integrated corporation.

Our strategy is currently focused on two areas:

  • To grow every division of the group by bringing new partners on board - those with the know-how to take us further than ever before.
  • To develop our palm oil refinery by growing and adding a distribution channel across Nigeria. To make this happen, we are continuously committed to the following:

To make this happen, we are continuously committed to the following:

  • Continue to satisfy our clients and surpass their expectations
  • Build a robust financial base capable of sustaining itself during unfavourable economic cycles and generate consistent growth
  • Maintain a modern fleet in exemplary condition
  • Rely, where possible, on skilled Nigerian manpower to create local employment opportunities
  • Ensure that regular training for key personnel is always available

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